About the 6 Degrees Writer

Mary L Johnson

About the 6 Degrees Writer: Mary L Johnson, the 6 Degrees Writer, is the author of several books, is a long-timer blogger, and is an activist for animals and the environment,. She has worked as an Educator and in Christian Education for over twenty years. Her books include The Self Esteem Journal, The Goals Book for Christian Living, My Grandmother's Shakespeare and 6 Degrees of Film: The future of film in the Global Village.

Her interest in self-esteem issues began with her work at the Child Abuse Council and the National Program, the Kids on the Block. Her business, Brown Bag Organics, also featured a component for everyday health that promoted healthy self-esteem.

The Growing Group is an online program that is comprised of not only the Self Esteem Journal, but an ongoing membership which includes the Facebook group, The Growing Group, the monthly calendar and prompts to share with other members, The Growing Group blog site-and the online magazine: The Growing Group: by degrees. Members will receive quarterly check-ins and utilize their membership to pursue a self-directed program designed to boost and enhance their sense of well-being and self-esteem.  Group support is part of the program,with questions and concerns shared through online forums and discussions facilitated by the moderator.


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