Introduction to The Growing Group

Self Esteem is something we all have. We all may need to search and find ways to measure and increase our own self-esteem at times. My journey, through the year, is  planned in part to measure the ways that I have found coping skills, strategies, better ways to deal with people in relationships, and to be more at peace with the person that I am now, and not the fantasy self or the person that I thought I was. The person that I am now is not the best possible version of me. But the journey to find that self, and the ways to increase my self-esteem are part of The Growing Group.


I invite my friends and new-found online friends to come with me. I find humor in some things that others may not, and there are times I need to lighten up and stop taking myself so seriously. I hope to hear from you, too. Comments and insights will always help to keep me grounded from old friends that I see on Social Media and in online groups. That is the best way to move forward in this self-directed quest for growth and Self Esteem. The person that we are, the person that we are becoming, the best possible self that is possible to become, are all visions out there just waiting to be explored.


A rule from a great person is to do something each day that we are a little bit scared of doing. That is my mantra for the year ahead. My quest is to become better acquainted with myself and in the process, to grow in understanding and in self-esteem. That is why I'm inviting you to join me in The Growing Group. I'm sending out prompts to friends and followers for the first month. From there, I'm asking those who want to join me to sign up and we will continue our talks online and with the Self Esteem Journal that I've written and updated for this purpose. I'm going to reach out to those who are willing to explore, to perhaps find some parts of themselves that were hidden and need further examination, and to finally end the year on a high with a better understanding of who we are, who you are, and to be a better person for having embarked on a journey of discovery!


Join me please: Sign up here to begin….

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