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Change is hard...Dying is easy


Dear Friends: Almost I feel as if I’ve been asleep for a few months! I’ve been so busy, working mostly as the Director of a local non profit that has a great heart for service in mentoring. I am going to continue that work, but will not be as immersed in the day to day operations as we go forward.

It’s one of those things that I can look back on and always feel a sense of pride of being a part of a wonderful, evolving project. And from there, it helps me as I also reflect on all the things that go into making up a non profit. Directors work on so many moving parts, it’s a wonder that anything ever gets done!


Seriously, you must have a great team, as most projects are associated with teams of talented people that can bounce ideas off one another and go forward. I’m sure the IPhone or the IPad would never have come into being without that type of creative synergy.


For a writer, it’s also important to focus the creative synergy. My aunt taught Creative Writing at a university, and she has told me many times of the ways that that creative energy needs to be focused in order to create one thing. It’s hard when your creative sensibility is ‘all over the map’ at times.


One way I like to keep focused is to work on trending topics each week. I will go through and find out what is trending, and it helps me to see the balance of life and work, and the funny side of life at times when it’s hard to get at the important questions. I tend to look at politics or other hot topics, and it’s wonderful to see trending topics with a quiz about fast food or dating or clothes or travel. There’s more than one way to get at the underlying truth these days....


So I head into Spring with lots of plans and ambitious goals, some of which may actually see the light of day if I try hard enough! Till next time, friends, ML